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#4   Proshant Kumar GhosheMail27.11.2017 - 15:20
Lovely place to stay with homely food and great staff, who try their best to accommodate all your requests. Well they certainly did accommodate mine. Before checkin I changed the time 2-3 time as we were traveling by our own and we started late from Delhi, the manager was gracious to allow me to.
The USP of this place is it is isolated, far from the hustle and bustle of camp in Jaisalmer or any other crowded tourist place like Nainital. If you want lots and lots peace & quiet, some homelike food, & a decent place to stay, then this is the place to go. I found this place to be very peaceful, and at the end of the day, the serenity & the calm more than made up for it.
Talk to Mr.Meer the owner he will arrange camel ride, folk dance or you wanted to experience the camp at desert. He is very nice person.

#3   Christine MarloweMail02.11.2016 - 09:05
Do you have availability on 4-6th November please?

#2   rajesh chauhaneMail05.01.2016 - 11:24
Awesome place to stay in natural and piecefull environment.Really nice food and excellent room service

#1   Ripan SonieMail05.01.2016 - 08:31
Awesome place to stay in the jaisalmer. The real feel of the desert stay. Beautiful landscape. And the owner Mr Meer is very co operative. Best authentic rajasthani food is served. Had a Most memorable stay.

(4 Entries in total )

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